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Discount Vouchers from Thomas Cook Travel Rewards

Giving has never been easier!

Perfect promotions for any budget

Discount Vouchers
Discount vouchers

Thomas Cook holiday discount vouchers are the perfect cost effective solution for short-term tactical offers or promotions over a longer period of time, whatever your objective is.

There are 6 different holiday discount vouchers which target 6 different types of holiday ? all available from stock, so they are really easy and quick for you to use ? with no design or print costs.

Easy for you & easy for your customers!
Once you've received your vouchers, simply distribute them to your customers and leave the redemption to us! Every voucher carries all the information that your customer will need regarding the offer, including instructions on how to book and claim.

Order Volume250+1,000+5,000+10,000+
£25 Holiday Maker£1.00£0.75£0.50£0.30
£75 Weekender£2.50£1.50£1.25£0.80
£100 Holiday Heaven£2.50£1.50£1.25£0.80
£150 Great Escape£2.50£1.50£1.25£0.80
£200 Faraway£2.50£1.50£1.25£0.80
£250 Villa Vacation£2.50£1.50£1.25£0.80

No hidden extras

There must be a catch? No - that's not how we work; we aim to offer both excellent value as well as customer service, so we are always clear about costs from the outset.

This way, we can build the very best promotion from any budget and make sure everyone is smiling at the end!

fabulous way to incentivise lots of people at
low cost